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I beam

Packaging & Delivery:
1. Delivery: within 7-10 days or considering the quantity;
Transport: By bulk or Containers;
Supply ability: 10000 metric tons/ month;
Payment terms L/C, T/T;
2. Packing: It can pack by container or bulk vessel.
Standard export seaworthy package, it use steel belt with bundle according product's size.
We can make it as your requirement.

Email :
Product Description
? ? ? I-beam, also known as steel beam (English name universal Beam), is a long steel with the section of the I-shaped. I-section steel is divided into hot rolIed I-beam? and lightweight I-beam.I-beam is mainly divided into ordinary I-beam, light I-beam, low alloy light I-beam .The wing of ordinary I-beam and light I-beam gradually thinner from the root to the side, with a certain Angle.


production rangeA572,GR50,GR60,SS540H100*100-H400*400H150*75 -H900*300
Length6m, 9m, 12m or as customerrequirement
TechnologyHot rolled,welded
SurfaceGalvanized, paint;or as your request
Supply ability2000Ton/day
Business typeManufacturer
Certification:ISO, SGS,BV
Applicationwidely used in building structure and engineering construction, such as room beam,ship beam, industrial furnace, etc.
Loading portany port in China
Packingstandard export packing or as your requirement
Payment TermsT/T, L/C at sight,West Union,D/P,D/A,Paypal

Physical Property

Physical propertiesMetricImperial
Density7.85 g/cm30.284 lb/in3

Application Scope

Bolted, riveted or welded structures for bridges, construction and oil rigs, etc.

Used for forming storage tanks, silos, bearing plates, clamps, rings, templates, clamps, sprockets, cams, gears, base plates, forgings, decorative works, piles, brackets, automotive and agricultural equipment, frames, machinery parts, etc.

Equivalent Material

National standard GBEuropean standard ENAmerican Standard ASTMGerman standard DIN,WNrJapanese Standard JISFrench standard AFNORBritish Standard BSCanadaHG
Italy UNIindia isSwiss SSAustralian ONORMNorway NSSpanish UNEInternational Standard ISOPortugalNP
Fe360BIS20621311/1312RSt360BNS12123AE235B-FNE235B/ Fe360BFE360-B

Carbon Steel plate application range

SA516Gr. 70 is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power station, boiler and other industries to make reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, gas tanks, liquefied gas tanks, nuclear reactor pressure shells, boiler drums, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, high-pressure water pipes of hydropower stations, water turbine shells and other equipment and components.

Packing & Delivery
The Carbon steel sheet will be packed in seaworthy packing such as steel strips bundles. If you have any special requests
on this, please let us know advanced. We will refer to your email kindly.

1).20ft GP:5898mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High)

2).40ft GP:12032mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High)

3).40ft HC:12032mm(Lengh)x2352mm(Width)x2698mm(High)

Product advantages

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Factory production line

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Shipping process

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Cooperation factories

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Customer visit

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Workshop Video

BT天堂. is a professional steel production and sales enterprise, located in Jinan Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shandong Province, close to the famous Chinese ports of Tianjin and Qingdao ports, convenient logistics and export.

Carbon steel material comparison table

1.0035Q235A283 A,B,C,DS185St 33A 33Fe 320--
1.0037Q235AA53 Gr.AS235JRSt 37-2E24-2Fe 360 B--
1.0121--S235JRG1USt 37-2-Fe 37 BFU-SS330
1.0038Q235AA284 Gr.C,DS235JRRSt 37-2E24-2Fe 360 B40(A)BSM 400A
---S235J0St37-3UE 24-3Fe 360 C40CSM400B
1.0116--S235J2+NSt 37-3 NE24-4Fe 360 D40DSM400C
0.0117Q235-FA36S235J2---40 EE-
1.0044Q295A529 Gr.42,50S275JRST 44-2E 28-2Fe430B43(A)B-
0.0143Q295-S275J0St44-3UE 28-3Fe 430 C43 C-
0.0144Q295A572 Gr.42,50S275J2+NSt 44-3NE 28-4Fe 430D43 D-
-Q215A573 Gr.58,65,70------
0.0145Q295A633 Gr.A,C,DS355JR-E 36-2Fe 510 B50 BSM 490A
1.0553Q345-S355J0St 52-3 UE 36-3Fe 510C50 CSS490B
1.057Q345-S355J2+NSt 52-3 N-Fe 510D50 DSS 490 C
1.0577Q345A656 Gr.50S335J2----SS 490 YA
1.0595Q345-S335K2+N-E 36 -4Fe 510 DD50 DDSS490 YB
1.0596Q345-S335K2---50 EESM 520 B
--A709 Gr.36,50,50-----SM 520 C
-Q295-S275NStE285-Fe E 275 kg N--
-Q295-S275NLTStE285-Fe E 275 KT N43EE-
-Q345-S355 NStE355E 355 RFe E 355 kg N--
-Q345-S355 NLTStE355E 355 FPFe E 355 KT N50EE-
-Q420-S420NStE420E 420 R---
-Q420-S420NLTStE420E 420 FP---
-Q460-S460NStE460E 460 RFe E 460 kg N--
-Q460-S460NLTStE460E 460 FPFe E 460 KT N55EE-
-Q295-S275M--Fe E 275 kg TM--
-Q295-S275ML--Fe E 275 KT TM--
-Q345-S355MStE355 TM-Fe E 355 kg TM--
-Q345-S355MLTStE355 TM-Fe E 355 KT TM--
-Q420-S420MStE420 TM----
-Q420-S420MLTStE420 TM----
-Q460-S460MStE460 TM-Fe E 460 kg TM--
-Q460-S460MLTStE460 TM-Fe E 460 KT TM--
1.034520G-P235GHHIA 37 CPFe 360 - 1KW161 Gr. 360-
164 Gr.360--A37 RCIA 285 Gr. C----
A414 Gr.C--SPV24-----
A516 Gr.55

1.042520GA414 Gr.EP265GHHIIA 42 CPFe 410 - 1KW161 Gr. 400 / 164 Gr. 400 / 224 Gr. 400-

A516 Gr.60

1.0481-A414 Gr.FP295GH17 mn 4A 48 CPFe 460 - 1KW224 Gr. 490SPV 32

A516 Gr.65

1.047320GA414 Gr.GP355GH19 mn 6A 52 CPFe 510 - 1KW-SPV 36
1.541516MoA204 Gr.B16mo315 mo 315 D315 mo 31503 - 243 B-
1.733515CrMoA387 Gr.1213CrMo4-513CrMo 4 415 CD 4-0514 CrMo 4.5620 Gr. 27-
1.73812Cr2Mo1A387 Gr.2210CrMo9-1010CrMo 9 1010 CD 9.10-622 Gr. 31-
1.7383--11CrMo9-10--12 CrMO 9.10--
1.8818--S275MStE 275 TM-Fe E 275 kgTM--
1.8819--S275MLTStE 275 TM-Fe E 275 KTTM--
1.8823-A572 Gr.CS355MStE 355 TME 355 RFe E 355 kgTM--
1.8834-A633 Gr.CS355MLTStE 355 TME 355 FPFe E 355 KTTM50 EE-
1.8825-A572 Gr.60S420MStE 420 TME 420 R---
1.8836-A633 Gr.ES420MLTStE 420 TME 420 FP---
1.8827-A572 Gr.65S460MStE 460 TME 460 RFe E 460 kgTM--
1.8838-A572 Gr.65S460MLTStE 460 TME 460 FPFe E 460 kgTM55 EE-
1.049-A572 Gr.42S275NStE 285-Fe E 275 kgN--
1.0491-A633 Gr.AS275NLTStE 285-Fe E 275 KTN43 EE-
1.0545-A572 Gr.50S355NStE 355E 355 RFe E 355 kgN50 E-
1.0546-A633 Gr.C,DS355NLTStE 355E 355 FPFe E 355 KTN50 EE-
A537 CI.1--------
1.8902-A255 Gr.DS420NStE 420E 420 RFe E 420 kgN-SM 490 A
1.8912-A633 Gr.ES420NLTStE 420E 420 FP-50 F-

A572 Gr.60

A738 Gr.C

1.0035Q235A283 BS185St 33A 33Fe 320--
A569 CQ--SS330-----
1.0037Q235A283 CS235JRSt 37-2E 24-2Fe 360 B40 A-
A570 Gr.33--------
1.0038--S235JRRSt 37-2E 24-2 NE-40 B-
1.0116--S235J2+NSt 37-3 NE 24-4Fe 360 D40 D-
1.0044Q235A283 DS275JRSt 44-2E 28-2Fe 430 B43 B-
1.0143-A578 Gr.70S275J0St 44-3 UE 28-3Fe 430 C43 C-
1.0144-A633 Gr.AS275J2+NSt 44-3 NE 28-4Fe 430 D43 D-
1.0045-A572 Gr.50S355JR-E 36-2Fe 510 B50 BSS 490

A678 Gr.A

1.0553-A441S355J0St 52-3 UE 36-3Fe 510 C50 C-
1.057--S355J2+NSt 52-3 N-Fe 510 D50 D-
1.0595--S355K2+N-E 36-4-50 DD-
1.005--E295St 50-2A 50-2Fe 490-SS 500
1.006--E335St 60-2A 60-2Fe 590--
1.007--E360St 70-2A 70-2Fe 690--
1.0501-1035C35C 35AF55-C35C 35070 M 36S 35 C
1.0511-1038 / 1040C40C 40AF60-C45C 40070 M 40S 40 C
1.0503-1042 / 1045C45C 45AF65-C45C 45070 M 46S 45 C
1.054-1049 / 1050C50C 50--070 M 50S 50 C
1.0535-1055C55C 55AF70-C55C 55070 M 55S 55 C
1.0601-1060C60C 60--070 M 60S 58 C
1.0603-10701 C 67C 67xC 68C 67080A67-
1.0605-10741 C 75C 75xC 75C 75080A72-
E295--Fe 490-2St 50-2A 60-2Fe 490-SS 500
E335--Fe 590-2St 60-2A 60-2Fe 590--
E360--Fe 690-2St 70-2A 70-2Fe 690--


Q:Why Choose
A:Us:1.Payment terms:???????40% +60% TT
2.Quality assurance:???We are responsible for any complains incurred from our pipe quality. No arguments,but solutions.
3.Other certificates:????API, ISO, CE.
4.Biggest Advantage:??We have invested independent raw material mill.
Which is well equipped with kinds of machines, such as laser cutting machine,mirror polishing machine and so on.
We can provide a wide range of personalized services according to the customers' needs.

Q:Are you Manufacturer or trading company?
A:We are professional manufacturer in steel industry for many years.?We can give you the factory price directly.
Q:Could you provide the samples?
A:Sure,you can contact us directly to discuss the details.

Q:What is your MQO?
Q:Do you have stockist goods?
A:Yes, we have warehouse in China.You can send me the sizes you need , let me check it for you.

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